Available Guitars

I have a few guitars available, these are instruments I have built with students. My teaching format is: I build a guitar, and the student builds his or her guitar along with me. Students have not worked on these instruments, it's all my work, these are the same quality as my commissioned guitars. If you're near Asheville, NC, by all means come by my shop. If you're not, I will ship any of these to you for a 72 hour trial. Send me a certified check or money order and I will hold it pending your decision.

Please call or email with questions you might have about any of these instruments.

Dealer pricing is available on any of these guitars. Also to dealers or collectors: these instruments are available as a group at a very substantial discount.

There are several reviews of various models of my guitars on the Harmony Central website.

Click on any image to see a larger view & pricing

D-55 Dreadnaught


Maple Jumbo

Virtuoso 17" Archtop